Spring Break Check-In

The boys started Spring Break over the weekend, so we’ve been doing everything in slo-mo around here this week. I will share our adventures soon, but in the meantime I’ll show you a few things I’ve finished. For some reason, I find myself sewing with my Featherweight in the corner of the family room. Don’t ask me why, it works for me. The only trouble I have with this is the Hulk and Minecraft bodies that lay around me while {Read More}

~Meet My Gracie ~

Wowee, this week started off great! For once I was super organized with the family tasks and plans. I was able to start a few sewing projects in the studio and was able to get a ton of errands checked off my list. Until 10:30 am Monday. I’m standing in the middle of Tandy Leather Factory buying a bag of double cap rivets when the hubby calls. Don’t panic he says, but O just passed out in class and you {Read More}

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