WIP Wednesday – The pattern making process

Yes, my room is a hot mess. Yes, I have a lot of bags. You should see the bags NOT in the picture! HA! I’m writing a bag pattern.  Well actually, I’ve written a TON of patterns, but most are in a binder or in various stages of thought.  This one is going to be an actual PDF e-pattern that I will release into the wild.  I’ve shown some snippets of it on Instagram and many of my bloggy friends {Read More}

Selfish Sewing Week ~ Fall 2014 ~ A Little Hint

Did you know that this is Selfish Sewing Week over at Imagine Gnats?  I am actually ahead of the game this time around too! I have a lot on my plate, both in the studio and with the family but I am determined to finish two projects this week that are just for me to use and enjoy.  Here is a little sneak peak of the first project I’m working on: Yardage of my favorite 100% natural linen, a very {Read More}

Aprons & Ornaments & Bags, Oh my!

Happy Monday everyone! Last week I promised to show my new large bucket tote I designed (on my cute new dress form too!). So here she is!  This was my first try at using leather straps for handles, and after carrying it around all week all I can say is Yipee!! I love this bag and I love the handles even more. I made the handles at about an 8″ drop and used 3 pop rivets for each handle piece. {Read More}

My Weekend Score!

On my hunt for holiday decorations for the house this past week, I found 5 wire dress forms at the local Marshall’s. I have seen them before in various stores. Some were really small for jewelry, others were larger and wire thicker.  Most of all, they were usually very expensive and I couldn’t justify buying one. So when I saw these in the home decor area I almost walked right past them assuming they’d be pricey again, but then I {Read More}

Custom Order – DONE!!

Hi everyone.  I hope you all have had a fun weekend. I am outside as I type in a nice lounge chair watching my boys and some friends play on a inflatable water slide in the backyard. It is in the upper 70’s here and not a cloud in the sky. Days like this is why I am so happy we moved back to Florida! I wanted to share with you my first completed custom ordered bag. Between sick kids {Read More}

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