Sew4Home Bags and Totes ~ A Review ~

Oh, I have a gorgeous new handbag book to share with you today! Say hello to Sew4Home Bags and Totes – 10 Easy, Fashionable Projects Anyone Can Sew.  This book was created by Liz Johnson and Anne Adams, the founders and current managing editors of Sew4Home. Since 2009, Sew4Home has created a TON of on trend projects for the DIY enthusiast.  And don’t let their name fool you.  Yes, they have projects for bed, bath and beyond, but they have quite a long list of {Read More}

Books, Books, Books! Do you love Handbag Books?

I have a *healthy* sewing library.  My Ikea Expedit bookcase has a few cubes reserved for my general ‘how to’ sewing, textiles and garment sewing.  But I also have a few cubes for my special handbag books, written and published in the United States and Japan. They are a never ending source of inspiration! Have you noticed in recent years that more books on handbag design and patterns are being released? When I started sewing handbags a few years back {Read More}

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