My Quilt Market 2014 Experience

Last year I had the opportunity to make an Aragon Bag for a very talented quilter for Quilt Market.  It was so fun to see her carrying it in pictures, and the opportunity to have something I actually MADE being toted around was awesome. Well, a few months back I was stunned when I was asked to make a few bags for Tula Pink’s booth for Spring Market. TULA. PINK! After re-reading the e-mail a few times to see if I {Read More}

Packing away the Bags

It’s so nice to look over to my craft table and see a handful of completed bags! Now that we’re moving soon and showing the house many times a day, I have had to get creative about displaying my bags. I have set up quite a few on some hooks on my IKEA rod for “show”,  but they are multiplying and it’s getting harder to display them. Since it’s cold, wet and just plain icky outside I spent some time {Read More}

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