Fabric Rag Garland Tutorial ~ Flashback~

I wanted to post this tutorial again for those of us who like a more vintage, homey Christmas theme. I made these for my staircase 3 houses ago. (Notice I don’t know dates anymore…I know what house we were in though!) I believe it was 2011. Burlap, twine and a fat quarter of your favorite holiday fabric is all you need. And depending on the length of your rails you may have enough leftover for some more projects. Enjoy the {Read More}

Happy Memorial Day!

 ~~Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to the men and women who  have made it possible for us to enjoy freedom at the expense of their lives.~~ Have you been having a nice holiday weekend?  We’ve been taking it easy for the most part. M had to work (retail loves holidays!) but we did manage to head over to the beach for the morning before it got too crowded. Any morning trip to the beach is a good one in our family because {Read More}

Aprons & Ornaments & Bags, Oh my!

Happy Monday everyone! Last week I promised to show my new large bucket tote I designed (on my cute new dress form too!). So here she is!  This was my first try at using leather straps for handles, and after carrying it around all week all I can say is Yipee!! I love this bag and I love the handles even more. I made the handles at about an 8″ drop and used 3 pop rivets for each handle piece. {Read More}

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