Purse Week 2012 – My Inspiration Materials!

As I’ve said many times, I adore Japanese handbag design books. The simple clean designs, the fabric, the talent!  So as I looked through a few new books I have,  I came up with a plan (well, an idea) of what I want to do.  I am a big-bag kinda gal. I love to sew smaller bags and pouches but I find myself using totes and larger bags everyday. So my 2012 Purse Week entry will be “tote-size” but with {Read More}

7 Pretty Things on Sunday….

Happy Sunday! Today M and I are taking the boys up to Adventure Island Water Park in Tampa for a morning of water fun. With one week left before school begins, this will be our big final adventure of the summer.  Summer break has gone by so fast and next week at this time I’ll be a mom to a 6th & 3rd grader and a teeny-tiny Kindergartener!  I find myself looking at my baby and wondering what I’m going {Read More}

Inspiration and the Abundance of Talent

I am constantly on the lookout design inspiration. Not just for handbag designs, but for home interiors, cooking and kid crafts.  If I’m lucky, I’ll find a great book or magazine to  jump start the creative juices. MOST of the time though I hunt for handbag inspiration and consistently find myself on websites where I rely on Google Translate to help me navigate. The books you see above I finally got unpacked and put on my shelf. I sure did miss {Read More}

Created by Inspiration

One of the best things I have found about men and women that sew and craft is that we are *most* of the time eager to show off our finished products and share the process in creating them.  There are numerous message boards devoted to every type of craft imaginable and the men and women who post on them often have their own blogs where they share tutorials, ideas or general family and life stories. Since I have begun sewing {Read More}

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