Adventures in Industrial Sewing ~ Bias Fold Binders ~ Take 1

If you have an industrial sewing machine, did you know that there is a chance their are feet for it beyond the standard one that came with it?  I have quite a few in my 5 years as a Juki owner, check some of them out here.  A few weeks ago I purchased a new attachment for the Juki. It’s a 2″ Double Fold Binding Attachment: Now, before you go surf for an attachment for your industrial read the rest of the {Read More}

My Industrial Sewing Machine & Her Feet

This picture was one of the first images I shared on Raspberry Sunshine back in 2011. My Juki 8700-7 industrial sewing machine in all her glory, fresh out of the box.  I had never owned an industrial machine and worked exclusively on a very moody Bernina.  So when I start sewing and selling bags and other accessories it became clear that the Bernina wouldn’t cut it. So the hubby and I shopped around and kept coming back to Juki’s.  This {Read More}

Sidetracked by my Juki

I’d like to introduce you to my new sewing machine. It’s a Juki 8700-7 born and raised in Japan. It took a month to arrive and almost killed M to put it together, but it was so worth it!  This is basically a single-needle straight stitch machine, but has tons of programming options from thread cutting to backstitching. My Juki has the potential to stitch over 5,000 stitches per minute, which coming from a Bernina Bernette 65 is very fast {Read More}

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