T-Minus 7 Days!

Have mercy this move is happening! This week. Oy! Tomorrow one of the cars will be shipped to The Arctic. (What I am now calling our new hometown – Syracuse). Movers come Thursday and Friday to pack and start the loading, then will return Monday and Tuesday to load up and take off.  I will be flying up to The Arctic Wednesday afternoon. Can anyone say insanity?! I think I’m getting more worked up over how to pack up my {Read More}

500 Quilt Blocks & Studio Inspiration

After a loonnngg preorder, my copy of 500 quilt blocks by Lynne Goldsworthy (Lily’s Quilts ) and Kerry Green (verykerryberry) arrived Monday afternoon.  It’s a nice solid hardback measuring a little over 6″ x 6″. And at 288 pages, I am reading a bit of it each night after the boys go to bed. This book is wonderful and full of great ideas. My favorite is a modern spool block that has been made 4 times and used to create {Read More}

Knitting ~ Trying again ~ I will conquer the needles.

I am a crafter. If I see a craft I like, I can usually tackle it and make it a success. But not knitting. I have a few books on knitting for kids. I thought I would get down on their level so I can learn slow and steady. Didn’t work.  So I gave the book to my BIL who promptly learned to knit then spent the next few years making our family the warmest scarves ever. Then he gave me {Read More}

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