WIP Wednesday ~ 1 finish 1 not-so-finished….

Hi ya’ll!  I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday.   I have been sewing up a new pattern for my shop and *thought* I had it down pat. But I didn’t.  The bag is correct in measurements and a majority of the fabric being used, but I struggled a bit with the leather weight.  Too bad it was after I stitched into it. UGH.  Frustrating as it is, I did learn that 4oz leather is too thick for what I’m {Read More}

WiP Wednesday ~ Quilt Blocks and Cows!

Yesterday I was able to finish one of my 163 Patchwork blocks and start another one.  These are challenging blocks for a newbie, so I find myself struggling from time-to-time.  The issue I run into the most is enlarging the pattern.  There is a small block on the bottom right that shows the completed block. Then there is a colored bock on the left taken apart to show you how to put it together.  What is starting to work for {Read More}

Selvedge & Patchwork Quilt Blocks

I finally dug into my bin of selvedge strips Tuesday.  My initial idea was to make a large tote with it, but now that they are done I’m just not sure.   With this bin of scraps I was able to make 10 – 7″x7″ blocks.  Not too shabby.  I used a piece of felt to initially place the strips on, but then realized I wanted it thicker so I added a layer of batting underneath. So in total I {Read More}

It’s Coming! It’s Coming!

I’ve got such a jumble of news and other things to share I forgot Menu Monday!  Yesterday, I got a call from the wonderful lady who has longarmed my Craftsy quilt. She said it was ready and after she squared it up it was off to the postman. WooHoo! I cannot wait to see my quilt and look at all the pretty stitching she did.  I will share tons of pictures as well as her contact information with you later {Read More}

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