Mountains of Straps & A Re-Do

I do believe Florida is officially underwater.  Between the gulf, the ocean, and all this rain I think my car could float down the street!  I only wish we could send some of this rain out west to help all those who are affected by the fires 🙁  It’s a sad thing and I really hope mother nature evens herself out so this wacky weather will calm down, don’t you? So while the rain came down steady all day and {Read More}

Discovering Marine Vinyl

I live in an area where boating and other water activities are a way of life, especially when the Gulf of Mexico is 30 minutes from your house! So when I was shopping in our new JoAnn Fabrics a few weeks back I noticed the saleswoman stocking a new area that focused on marine products.  There were tons of new indoor/outdoor fabrics but what caught my eye was a leather-looking material.  I assumed it was just regular thin vinyl or {Read More}

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