Large Diaper Bag

A few weeks ago I found a pre quilted piece of fabric at our local Jo-Ann’s.  It was so pretty and unique I bought the last 2 yards of it. (It was on clearance too!) I took it home and pulled out my college textile books to see if I could ID the fabric.  I couldn’t. From what I can tell it has a look and feel of starched linen, but has a sheen that tells me it has some {Read More}

Zakka-Inspired Bag Storage

This weekend, I hit my limit of plastic grocery bags. Giant puffs of white plastic are all over the place, so I decided it was time to do something about it.  Recycle some? Yes. Save a puff or two to change animal litter? Yup. But I still need some for odd spills or car trips.  So for the plastic bags I do keep, I decided to make a storage bag for them. So here is my new plastic bag storage! {Read More}

Menu Monday’s ~ What’s on Your Crafty Plate?

I’m posting my weekly plans a bit late today simply for the fact that I have been switching between loads of laundry, cleaning and making chocolate chip cookies most of the early afternoon!  It’s amazing how much laundry 4 boys can create…and how many cookies a Troop of Boy Scouts will eat.  But now I’m in the home stretch with laundry, the cookies are done and the sun is actually out in CNY! Time to relax for a few before {Read More}

Menu Monday ~ Quilt Edition~

Happy Monday! I am so excited to be able to finally share my 3rd completed quilt with you!! It’s been finished for a few weeks now, but up here in the arctic, the sun doesn’t visit often.  No matter what I tried around the house I couldn’t get good shots of it.  Well Saturday we actually had SUN! I quickly grabbed a few items to photograph then headed to the deck. The inspiration for this quilt came from  a Japanese {Read More}

Menu Monday’s ~Vacation Edition!!~

Leaving….on a jet plane….Saturday!!! So excited to head to our annual family vacation next week in Virginia.  The boys are a bit nervous about flying, but it’s only a 2.5 hr plane ride tops so it won’t be too bad, right?!  This week my menu is basically preparing the house and kids for vacation.  Packing carry-on’s, check-in luggage, cleaning the house and taking the bunnies/cats to be boarded.  Nothing major, but if I don’t do a little each day it {Read More}

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