Menu Monday’s ~ What’s On Your Menu?

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope all the mom’s and mom’s-to-be out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  My boys took me out to breakfast yesterday followed by a few gifts. My youngest and his Kindergarten class had a Mother’s Day tea on Friday so that was a wonderful gift to me. My middle made a giant cupcake card with 10 various coupons for me to use. My oldest and middle (with dad’s help) bought me a pretty necklace and a new {Read More}

Menu Monday’s! What’s on Your Menu?

Now say that 3 times fast. On this busy day of historic events, I am at home with the boys watching the Presidential Inauguration and planning out my week to come.  This year on RS I will be starting what I call a “Menu Monday’s”. Here’s what I plan on sharing on Menu Monday’s: What business and blog-related items I plan on working on this week. My current sewing (or non-sewing)projects being worked on. Upcoming activities or projects I’m participating {Read More}

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