Menu Monday ~ What’s on Your Plate?

Today I had planned to go into my list of goals and plans for the new year. I had my weekly Menu Monday post ready with things I wanted to do in my studio this week.  But then a friendly e-mail reminder came from the Dept. of Revenue telling me it was annual tax time. I knew the time was drawing near, but it’s here now so it’s time to get to work. Not on fun sewing or quilting, but {Read More}

T-Minus 7 Days!

Have mercy this move is happening! This week. Oy! Tomorrow one of the cars will be shipped to The Arctic. (What I am now calling our new hometown – Syracuse). Movers come Thursday and Friday to pack and start the loading, then will return Monday and Tuesday to load up and take off.  I will be flying up to The Arctic Wednesday afternoon. Can anyone say insanity?! I think I’m getting more worked up over how to pack up my {Read More}

Menu Monday~Sweet Trips Embroidery Pouch~

My gosh did last week fly by! Between dental work, illness, moving stuff and kids activities, I’m surprised I spent time in the studio at all! But I did manage some studio time mostly because my 2 older boys have started to do their homework in there. It’s working for us so we’ll stick with it!As I promised to share last week, here is my Sweet Trips Embroidery Pouch finally finished!  I will be using it as my Sashiko stitching storage {Read More}

~Menu Monday’s~ What’s On Your Plate?

  It’s Monday! Monday’s are suppose to be the start of a new week. Some set new goals, plans or things to accomplish. To others, it’s just another day.  For me, it’s the start of a new school week. It’s a chance for me to get a pad and pen and plan what needs to get done around the house and in my studio.  So that is what I’ve been doing this morning. And I must say I’m off to {Read More}

~Menu Monday’s~ What’s on your plate?

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are off to a good start to the week.  My kiddos started school today, so they were up and going at 6:30am this morning.  All of our boys were excited for the new school year to start, so getting them ready this morning was actually quite painless.  We’ll see how long that lasts! Here are the ever popular first-day shots of the boys. 7th Grade 4th grade 1st Grade {Read More}

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