Menu Monday! What’s on Your Menu?

Happy Monday ya’ll! I hope you had a great day and start to the new week.  My boys are getting so excited now that they see the end of school is near. I am getting excited too as that means no wake up alarms and I can take my time in the mornings! Most of my day was spent completing another Japanese-inspired bucket tote.  I have a few fabrics set out to make more for my shop, but something about {Read More}

Menu Monday’s ~ What’s on Your Menu?

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend with friends and family.  This weekend was the annual Boy Scout Pinewood Derby for our pack.  We only had two of the boys participate this year. Z is a Webelo now and while he didn’t place, he loved his monster-truck interpretation.  Youngest will be a Tiger Cub next year so he participated in the Sibling Division. And wouldn’t you know my boy won his division! He was so excited {Read More}

~ Menu Monday’s ~ What’s on Your Menu?

I’m taking a much needed break right now from the assembly line going on in my studio. My hands are a little tired, but I managed to get all the kids from the bus stop and have some quiet time with them. With state FCAT testing going on there is no homework but they are usually tired and want a snack and their X-Box. So when all three of my boys getting straight-A’s this year, I think they deserve a little {Read More}

Menu Monday’s! ~ What’s on Your Plate?

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend.  M had the weekend off so we had some good quality time with him. We took advantage of the warm weather to do some much needed yard work.  Not the most fun thing to do, but with three boys it goes by pretty fast.  We did manage to plant quite a few sunflowers and I picked a few tomatoes of my oldest son’s tomato plant. Super yummy and sweet! {Read More}

Menu Monday’s! What are your plans for the week?

How was your weekend?  I had quite a busy one, but very fun and rewarding.  The Florida weather has been kind of PMS-ing recently, so after a few days of hot/cold, wet/dry the Sunshine State decided to live up to her name and give us some great weather.  The boys spent a good portion of Saturday playing water balloon wars with the neighbors. I’m talking hours here. The only arguing came at the end when they looked like drowned rats {Read More}

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