~Beaches to Snow~ Welcome Home!

Boy has the past few weeks flown by!  After a few days of packing up the house and driving over to the in-laws for a stay,  I left our sunny WARM home on Florida’s Gulf Coast (and the kids) last Tuesday… And arrived to our new home outside of a very cold and snowy Syracuse, NY….. Mother Nature is a beautiful thing isn’t it? I’ve seen a lot of snow, but never while in flight. It’s so pretty to see {Read More}

T-Minus 7 Days!

Have mercy this move is happening! This week. Oy! Tomorrow one of the cars will be shipped to The Arctic. (What I am now calling our new hometown – Syracuse). Movers come Thursday and Friday to pack and start the loading, then will return Monday and Tuesday to load up and take off.  I will be flying up to The Arctic Wednesday afternoon. Can anyone say insanity?! I think I’m getting more worked up over how to pack up my {Read More}

The insanity which is my life…..

I think I saw a few cobwebs on my blog this morning! I have so much to share, but when you’re moving a family of 5 from Florida to New York life seems to go in warp speed.  Let’s see, what have I been doing since my last post? – We listed our house down here and found a house in NY! After a bidding war, we got the house and close..eek the week of Thanksgiving! Have mercy. – Cleaning. {Read More}

I wasn’t expecting this one….

Hi there!  It’s been a quiet week here on the blog, but boy it has NOT been quiet in our house and life.  So many things I had planned for the week just came to a standstill when I found out about this:   If you have been reading my blog, you may know what I’m getting at. If you’re new here, just search “MOVE” in the search box and you can read more.  I knew a move could be {Read More}

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