Flashback Friday! ~ Revisiting an Epic *Fail*

It’s been 3 1/2 years since I first posted this epic fail post.   And at the time I had a lot of fails, but it’s been fun to read old posts and see how I’ve evolved as a handbag designer/sewer.  How have you evolved as a designer/sewer? I had great hopes for this bag. Sketched it out, made a pattern, etc. But when it was all said and done, it just didn’t turn out how I wanted. I really {Read More}

A New Travel Bag ~~ #vabeachvacation2015 ~~

Happy Monday morning from sunny Virginia Beach!  After a pleasant day of traveling, we arrived at our beach house with the rest of family waiting our arrival.  This is our 8th summer at this beach and our 5th in the same house. It is comforting to be in the same house. The boys grab their rooms then check out the house to see what has changed.  From there, it’s all beach time! We’re looking forward to a nice week with our {Read More}

Large Diaper Bag

A few weeks ago I found a pre quilted piece of fabric at our local Jo-Ann’s.  It was so pretty and unique I bought the last 2 yards of it. (It was on clearance too!) I took it home and pulled out my college textile books to see if I could ID the fabric.  I couldn’t. From what I can tell it has a look and feel of starched linen, but has a sheen that tells me it has some {Read More}

A Few New Projects

I can no longer think of Wednesday as well, Wednesday.  Wednesday’s in our house now sound like this: GEICO COMMERCIAL! Please tell me you have seen this and that it drives you crazy too?! All four men in this house acted out this commercial last night. And again this morning.  Good thing they are in school right now and it’s quiet for the time being!  Where do these people come up with such weird ideas? On a more exciting and {Read More}

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