Shop Update & Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

I promise to start blogging more regularly soon!! Seriously!!  So much has been going on for Raspberry Sunshine, and here’s a big one… Shop Update! I finally found some space in our house where I can use my photography equipment properly. This has not only led me to take some updated photos of bags already listed in my shop, but a TON of new product shots as well!  Lots of unique zippy pouches, totes, and bags are now ready to {Read More}

Are you a Tactile fabric buyer?

tac·tile adjective /ˈtaktl/  /ˈtakˌtīl/ Of or connected with the sense of touch Perceptible by touch or apparently so; tangible Designed to be perceived by touch (of a person) Given to touching others, esp. as an unselfconscious expression of sympathy or affection – Source: Google  I am a tactile person. In school, my best work were hands-on projects that I could make and present to the class or activities where I could actually DO something. Written tests? Meh. So it wouldn’t be a {Read More}

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