My studio ~ A WIP ~

Most of the boxes are out of the house now and I have begun to tackle my studio.  I have a slightly bigger space here than I did back in Florida, but the layout is different. So here is a shot of my soon-to-be basement studio: This basement has a jungle theme. So most of the walls are either this brick color or this mustard-y color. The other side of the basement has this huge mural of a jungle, so {Read More}

~ Menu Monday’s ~ What’s on Your Menu?

I’m taking a much needed break right now from the assembly line going on in my studio. My hands are a little tired, but I managed to get all the kids from the bus stop and have some quiet time with them. With state FCAT testing going on there is no homework but they are usually tired and want a snack and their X-Box. So when all three of my boys getting straight-A’s this year, I think they deserve a little {Read More}

A Craft Room Bombing….

With the dark dreary skies and a sick child on the couch, I decided to take out my checklist *and Lysol* and tackle some studio organization issues I’m having.  The issues mostly deal with fabric storage and keeping it neat and easy to see. But, from the picture you’re looking at it seems like a whole studio clean up is needed doesn’t it? Let’s see what’s going on here…. My floor: It is the only thing clean right now. The {Read More}

A New Way To Show Your Handbags

I am constantly on the lookout for good storage. Not just for my handbags, but for other places around the house. In our new house I have my own studio, but it is a bit small and the layout isn’t the best. I have to deal with a cooling unit closet door and window hogging up a lot of usable space.  I have room for my cutting table, my machines and even a 5×5 IKEA cube, but what I don’t {Read More}

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