A Day In The Life

When a huge-o-mongous snowstorm comes to town and school is cancelled your plans change in a heartbeat.  So instead of hours of sewing and working on projects quietly you start to re-plan your day. Lots of cuddling with soft blankets, rented movies, and MineCraft happen. Boys play nicely together (which doesn’t happen all the time!) and do chores to help out dear old mom – who caught the crud they had last week.  Hmph. So here are some snapshots of my day yesterday. Some {Read More}

WIP Wednesday – The pattern making process

Yes, my room is a hot mess. Yes, I have a lot of bags. You should see the bags NOT in the picture! HA! I’m writing a bag pattern.  Well actually, I’ve written a TON of patterns, but most are in a binder or in various stages of thought.  This one is going to be an actual PDF e-pattern that I will release into the wild.  I’ve shown some snippets of it on Instagram and many of my bloggy friends {Read More}

WIP Wednesday = Lots of little projects & upcoming releases!

I have no wonderful long sewing stories to share with you today.  What I do have is a lot  of little WIP’s! It’s been a very productive week in the studio though which is a good thing. Here are a few shots of  what’s been going on: I finally finished another original EQ7 block this week.  I made it 18″ finished and will probably make it into a pillow.  The fabric is a favorite of mine, PB&J by Basic Grey for {Read More}

Writing Handbag Patterns

I have been pattern testing handbags for a few years now and love it. I have learned so many new techniques an for some reason, I really enjoy the editing and the process of how patterns are written.  So can somebody tell me why I am struggling so much with writing my own pattern!?!?!  I have a ton of ideas and samples in my studio, but getting through this first one is proving difficult. I have pattern pieces done and have {Read More}

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