Ribbon Sewing Foot 2: More ribbon!

See this box? Yeah. A Box. My darling husband knows me so well and knows how much we all love Thin Mints. So considering the horrible-no-good-very-bad-morning we had at the house, multiple boxes of these tasty morsels were purchased and immediately went into the freezer to cool down. What caused this urgent need for cookies? The boys and I had to have blood taken this morning. I figure if they see me get my blood drawn they wouldn’t be so {Read More}

How To Use A Ribbon Foot Attachment

This week I’m going to be sharing my go-to sewing feet for bag construction, both on my home machine and my industrial.  To start it off, I am re-posting a tutorial from a few years back that I did on the Ribbon-Sequin Foot.  This is a really fun and easy to use foot that would be a great addition to your sewing box! See you Monday! After finishing some projects in the studio this week, I began to gather my {Read More}

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