Wacky Tools in Your Studio You Can’t Sew Without

  Those baby food sweet potato walls drive me insane…. I love it when bloggers share pictures of their sewing studios.  I am lucky to have an area in the basement (which desperately needs paint) for my work.  And while this picture shows the neat and clean, it’s a sty most of the time! I also love to see what tools everyone uses.  No, I don’t mean what’s new on the market or what’s coming out at next Quilt Market…  I {Read More}

What Are Your *Must Have* Sewing Tools?

I’ve seen lots of blogs recently share their favorite sewing tools and gadgets, so I decided to share mine today. I have these goodies on my table at all times and the irons on the ironing board next to me. 1. Quilting Ruler – My ruler is a 14″ x 4″. I also have one that is 28″ x 5″ that I use for larger fabric pieces. Made of hard plastic, these take a beating and still look good. There {Read More}

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