My First Snowshoeing Adventure!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go snowshoeing with my kids and their Scout Pack/Troops.  Being a native Floridian, this sport was unknown to me up until a few years ago.  So with a large group of experienced outdoorsmen and women (and the hubby) I was excited to finally give this a try. The trail we took was located in Highland Forest in Fabius, NY.  During the summertime, our scouts camp there and it’s popular for hiking, hunting, biking, horseback riding, {Read More}

A Day In The Life

When a huge-o-mongous snowstorm comes to town and school is cancelled your plans change in a heartbeat.  So instead of hours of sewing and working on projects quietly you start to re-plan your day. Lots of cuddling with soft blankets, rented movies, and MineCraft happen. Boys play nicely together (which doesn’t happen all the time!) and do chores to help out dear old mom – who caught the crud they had last week.  Hmph. So here are some snapshots of my day yesterday. Some {Read More}

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