Wacky Tools in Your Studio You Can’t Sew Without

  Those baby food sweet potato walls drive me insane…. I love it when bloggers share pictures of their sewing studios.  I am lucky to have an area in the basement (which desperately needs paint) for my work.  And while this picture shows the neat and clean, it’s a sty most of the time! I also love to see what tools everyone uses.  No, I don’t mean what’s new on the market or what’s coming out at next Quilt Market…  I {Read More}

My studio ~ A WIP ~

Most of the boxes are out of the house now and I have begun to tackle my studio.  I have a slightly bigger space here than I did back in Florida, but the layout is different. So here is a shot of my soon-to-be basement studio: This basement has a jungle theme. So most of the walls are either this brick color or this mustard-y color. The other side of the basement has this huge mural of a jungle, so {Read More}

One at a time? Or Multiple?

This was the view of my work table yesterday. My original plan was to work on a bag pattern and finish the actual bag, but after I actually finished the bag I started getting antsy. The pattern and bag then went to a section of my table. This trend continued with a few more things on my to-do list until the boys came home. I don’t typically work like this. I usually work on one project and stay with it {Read More}

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