WIP Wednesday ~ 1 finish 1 not-so-finished….

Hi ya’ll!  I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday.   I have been sewing up a new pattern for my shop and *thought* I had it down pat. But I didn’t.  The bag is correct in measurements and a majority of the fabric being used, but I struggled a bit with the leather weight.  Too bad it was after I stitched into it. UGH.  Frustrating as it is, I did learn that 4oz leather is too thick for what I’m {Read More}

WIP Wednesday – Need feedback!

Hey there!  My WIP Wednesday this week has been a busy one, but I need some input for one of my projects. Here she is: This is going to eventually be a quilt for our guest bedroom. I am having trouble deciding if I should add sashing between the blocks or to connect them. I know I’d like some sort of wide border around the edges, but in between? I am just not sure yet. What do you think?  The fabric {Read More}

Lots of April Sewing Goodness!

Happy April!! There will be no fooling today because of all the wonderful things going on here.  At home, the sun is actually shining outside and the snow is melting like crazy! Having moved here around Thanksgiving, there has been snow on the ground pretty much everyday covering the grounds.  Well today I was actually outside without my parka and winter boots. I was able to see that we actually have a nice lawn and landscaping around the house.  Walking {Read More}

WIP Wednesday – Sugar Block Club!

I have been cutting fabric and interfacing all day, but wanted to share my WIP with you before I head back to the ironing board.  I received my March Sugar Block Club e-mail this weekend. Amy’s theme for this month is a great one, and I really enjoy the stories and recipes she shares along with the wonderful quilt blocks. This month’s block  was a new one for me, and while it was time consuming it wasn’t as hard as {Read More}

WIP Wednesday ~ On Thursday

I had great plans of sharing a few finished blocks yesterday, but mother nature had other plans.  We got a good foot of snow between late Tuesday night and Wednesday night. It was pretty fluffy snow, but WAY too much of it!  Of course this meant cancelled school, playing in the snow and a impromptu Minecraft man-fest in the basement.  The boys had a lot of fun and kept busy which is a good thing. I did manage to finish {Read More}

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