Tools for Hems & Boxed Bottoms

Today I wanted to share two sewing tools that have recently made their way into my studio. One tool is older and one is a new purchase from the quilt show last weekend. I love playing with new sewing tools, but in the end I won’t buy them if it’s not something I’d use on a regular basis.  My studio is a spare bedroom and space is limited, so I have to be sure I have a place to store {Read More}

They don’t make things like they use to…..

Have you heard your parents or grandparents say that phrase?  Mine did, and today I am too.  I’m talking about my beef with my handy (or not so handy now) iron. I had a nice inexpensive iron at one time. It died at the rip old age of 15. So a few months back, M went out a bought me a new one. Shark. Really cool and worked great until one day it just stopped working. No warning. No abuse. {Read More}

Finding supplies when you are just starting out…..

It’s obvious from my postings that I sew handbags, right? I plan on opening my Etsy store in the spring and so, I have been sewing patterns, designing patterns and most importantly gathering supplies.  But I’m running into problems. Supply problems. If you sew handbags and have a successful business going, where do you find your supplies? I have found suppliers for magnets, basic zippers and swivel clips, but may need to order larger amounts in the future.  I am {Read More}

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