The Duckie Tote

When the boys were a bit younger and we lived in the arctic state of Pennsylvania (hey-I’m a Florida girl!) we lived in a house that looked eerily close to the Brady Bunch house. And because of the house being built in that era it tended to have bathrooms in “unique” colors.  Luckily for us ours was blue. The tub/shower = blue. Toilet=blue. Tile=white with blue. And if I remember correctly, the countertop may have been blue as well. We {Read More}

Recycled Duckies

My previous post shared just how many little projects I have going on my table and in my head. Well, I spend the last few days working on a tall tote with some new fabric I found at Hancocks.   The blue exterior fabric is a medium-weight home decor with a look of denim to it. The yellow stripe I used for the lining, straps and top band is also a medium weight home decor. The fun part of this {Read More}

Ever get frustrated on a new project?

Do you ever get a great idea in your head for a project, but when it actually comes down to DOING it, it doesn’t turn out like you planned? Well, I’m in that place right now.  I’ve been working on an adorable bag pattern for a week or so now. It’s a tall tote with a set of pockets for cell phones, etc and a zippered pocket for the secret stuff.  I managed to get the dimensions for the bag {Read More}

I’ve been trapped in my wo-man cave!

Well, I wouldn’t say trapped, but I have actually had some time between kids activities and routines to sneak some time in my craft room to work on some projects and ideas floating around in my head. This brown and pink polka-dot tote is my newest creation. The pink ruffles you see in the front are open on the ends to allow for a piece of string or ribbon to use it as a drawstring. I used 6 different pieces {Read More}

The Bias Tape Bag

I have had this bag idea in my head for awhile, but never dug into it until recently.  The idea I had was to take a nice small tote and add a colorful fabric accent to it in a different way. I sketched it all out and came up with The Bias Handle Bag. I am so happy with how it turned out. But if you have made handbags before, you know that MOST of the time your final product {Read More}

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