Fabric Rag Garland Tutorial ~ Flashback~


I wanted to post this tutorial again for those of us who like a more vintage, homey Christmas theme. I made these for my staircase 3 houses ago. (Notice I don’t know dates anymore…I know what house we were in though!) I believe it was 2011. Burlap, twine and a fat quarter of your favorite holiday fabric is all you need. And depending on the length of your rails you may have enough leftover for some more projects. Enjoy the {Read More}

The Sunshine Sling Bag! Tutorial & Download


I gave up my weekly Menu Monday’s to work on the finishing touches on my first free tutorial and download. I have previously done a few small tutorials, but this is one I’ve been working for some time now. So without further babbling let me introduce you to: The Sunshine Sling Bag! The inspiration for this bag came from a similar look I saw a woman wearing last year on the t-ball fields. The sling I saw had the tie-top {Read More}

Create your own custom bloglovin’ button!

     Hi everyone!! Happy late New Year.  I really didn’t fall off the face of the earth you know. Between a house full of family and nearly three weeks of school break for the boys I am finally starting to get back in the swing of things and am making lots of plans and notes in my planner (custom sheets to share next week!) The first plan on my to-do list was to work on some blog updates. Nothing {Read More}

My Purse Week 2012 Entry: The Run-Around Bag!

DSC_0008 2

I am finished. I have stitched. I have uploaded and played with the pictures. Whew! Introducing my entry:  The Run-Around Bag. It measures 13″x14″ with a boxed bottom and 20″ strap. What do you think? I am so happy with how it turned out and am still debating weather or not to keep it or put it in my store.  If I keep it, I plan to use in for daily use or maybe on days I have to shuffle {Read More}

Tutorial: Recycled Jeans Pocket Pouch!


I have seen many pictures online of bloggers recycling clothing for various purposes.  Sweaters, socks, military attire, denim, the list goes on. So when I started noticing many online pictures and stories of recycling denim, I wanted to share a pouch I enjoy making with my denim “leftovers”. This will work with most fabrics (although I have a legit fear of knits – I cannot guide you on that one!). You can probably find many tutorials on something similar, but {Read More}