My Handmade Vacation Travel Goodies!

As promised, here are a few shots of the handmade goodies I took to the beach this year! Because this year I traveled alone with the boys, I needed a larger carry-on for my goodies as well as travel/boy/emergency supplies (meaning snacks).  I chose to make the Aeroplane Bag by Sara Lawson/Sew Sweetness.  I have tested a ton of her patterns and have made almost all of them at some point except this one. It has the shape and size I {Read More}

Virginia Beach 2014!

Oh Virginia Beach, how I love you so…. Last week was our annual family vacation at the beach. We’ve been able to stay in the same beach house for the past 5 years, so it’s such a sense of comfort to walk up the familiar stairs and sit at the same place on the beach.  This year was a little more subdued for us as the hubby had a business conference in NC at the same time causing him to {Read More}

Weekend Activity Mash-Up

Today marks the end of winter break in the household.  Until a few months ago, winter break was something I had never heard of. Who gives students a week off school when they just finished Christmas break? Well, up here they do! The boys were so excited to have another week to relax and play in the snow, sleep in and play with friends.  Oldest spent his mornings and early afternoon taking ski lessons for the first time. I’m so {Read More}

Our Beach Vacation ~ Part 1~

Happy Monday everyone!!  We are back safely from Virginia Beach and enjoyed a wonderful week with our family. We had 4 plane flights that went very smoothly (thank you dramamine!) and uneventful. We flew Southwest both times, so we enjoyed lots of funny comments and add-ons to pre-flight directions. Have you ever had funny attendants like that? It’s always hard to get back into our schedule after a lazy beach week, but after a day of cleaning and getting the {Read More}

Menu Monday’s ~Vacation Edition!!~

Leaving….on a jet plane….Saturday!!! So excited to head to our annual family vacation next week in Virginia.  The boys are a bit nervous about flying, but it’s only a 2.5 hr plane ride tops so it won’t be too bad, right?!  This week my menu is basically preparing the house and kids for vacation.  Packing carry-on’s, check-in luggage, cleaning the house and taking the bunnies/cats to be boarded.  Nothing major, but if I don’t do a little each day it {Read More}

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