Weekending: My Mint-Colored Singer 15-125

I love antiques.  My house has quite a few pieces of old furniture and trinkets I’ve found over the years. But my favorite antique purchases recently have been related to sewing.  Last winter I found a collection of 90 year old needlecraft magazines.  I’m not much of a stitcher, but to see the ads, prices and trends are fun to look through from time to time. When Spring rolled around in CNY the neighborhood yard sales started. I hit the jackpot {Read More}

Ultimate Throwback Thursday! ~1930’s style~

I am SO happy to finally have my site and web hosting working again. For the past two days, my internet service and my web hosting service were not working well together causing my site and anything related to Host Gator to stop working.  I literally spent 6 hours yesterday going back and forth between companies while they did diagnostics.  And as of an hour ago I am good to go and can finally post again!  I tell ya though, {Read More}

Pretty Finds & Pincushions

My goodness! I have been meaning to get this pictures posted to share with everyone a few days ago, but have been so busy trying to get my DBA and LLC forms completed so I get get up and running again! New York certainly doesn’t make it easy for us teeny-small business owners to work. Last week during a morning of errands I ran into HomeGoods to see their recent stock. While looking at all the Easter goodies, I saw {Read More}

Throwback Thursday ~ Simplicity Old-School ~

I love a good vintage find. Most of the time I stick to a household item or an awesome old cookbook, but I haven’t had much luck lately. But when we moved to Florida, I found a Goodwill Bookstore and Donation Center.  I go every few months to donate items, but I always stop in to look at the newest donated books.  I have found a ton of books for the boys and have had great luck in the craft {Read More}

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