Zakka 2.0 ~ I Love My Ipad Quilted Cover ~

My iPad is loving it’s new home!  I have a harder travel cover for it, but when I’m using it at home I usually have it on my nightstand.  This week’s project is just what I needed and my iPad fits perfectly into it. The exterior fabric is from Michael Miller, a cute hexagon patchwork pattern. The interior is a bright teal check also from Michael Miller nd white/grey pattern that has a woodgrain look to it. I am not {Read More}

~The Piece-of-Cake Shopping Bag~

I am totally LOVING this week’s Zakka 2.0 Patchwork, Please! sew-along chapter. This is my completed Piece-of-Cake Shopping Bag. If you have been following along with the sew-along, each week we are completing a project in the book Patchwork, Please!. This was the first bag/accessory item in the book I’ve done and now that it’s completed, I want to make a ton more! This thing is HUGE! The finished bag measures 12 1/2″H x 14 1/2″W x 8 1/2″D.  You’re {Read More}

~Menu Monday’s~ What’s on your plate?

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are off to a good start to the week.  My kiddos started school today, so they were up and going at 6:30am this morning.  All of our boys were excited for the new school year to start, so getting them ready this morning was actually quite painless.  We’ll see how long that lasts! Here are the ever popular first-day shots of the boys. 7th Grade 4th grade 1st Grade {Read More}

Zakka 2.0 Cafe Apron ~ Completed!

I am totally loving the Zakka 2.0 sew-along!  This is week 3: The Cafe Apron.  Here’s my finished apron: The main fabric I used was a natural Essex linen. The tie was from a jelly roll of Cosmo Cricket and the remaining materials were a little of this and that from my huge scrap bin.  That’s one of the things I love most about this sew-along is that there are so many opportunities for me to use my scraps! I {Read More}

Menu Monday’s ~ What’s on Your Menu?

Hi there!  I am just now finishing up my busy day with the boys and with a few other things in my studio.  This is the first week we have not had any sort of camp, meeting or appointment so now we can relax a bit and enjoy the Florida sunshine….not to mention the famous Florida afternoon thunderstorms.  At the start of every summer, the boys and I get out a calendar and plan activities for us to do. We {Read More}

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